Pressure transient testing plays a key role in evaluating exploration and development prospects. Applied Reservoir Technology well test analysis provides you with independent, efficient and timely results in order to make effective field decisions.

Many engineers need independent support and help to properly assess and answer many complex field questions and to make critical productivity decisions. An ARt-Testing professional can help provide direction and answers to your questions.

Properly designed well tests can provide you with essential analysis information of Reservoir Pressure, Reserves data (minimum economic or total) and Flow Capacity.

The process of obtaining a reservoir description can be very tedious and time consuming. Pressure transient testing can supply important elements of the description such as: reservoir behaviour, boundary types and locations, reservoir pressure and permeability.

Properly designed well tests can establish communication between wells, inner field permeability and directional permeability. This information can assist you in making well informed decisions for enhanced recovery and field development. We evaluate all the data using the Pan System software.

Our reports are provided to our clients in hard copy and CD format. A typical report consists of an operations log, flowing and static gradients, a data listing, and appropriate plots. Included in our service, we provide direct submission of the report data to the Alberta Energy & Utilities Board (EUB) and Oil & Gas Commission (OGC).